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Ah summer….tis the season of beach bums, flip flops, and hot dogs. In Brooklyn, you can find it all at their very own pleasure park—Coney Island. Sure, maybe it’s gotten a bit run down since its glory days, but this was where Tiffany and Steve went on their first date, so of course, it was the perfect spot for their engagement session!

It’s always a challenge shooting at a place where there are lots of people. If you can imagine Coney Island in the summer time, the beach and boardwalk were packed! What this means for us is getting creative, bold, and honestly, really, really dirty. Well, for Wayne, at least. There was one point where he was lying amongst the washed-up seaweed in the wet sand (in full-length jeans) trying to get his best shot. Although I’m not too excited about doing his laundry afterwards, I think he did a pretty awesome job (smile).

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