A Futuristic Marriage

Favorite residence of the famous couturier Pierre Cardin, the Palais Bulles and its contemporary architecture totally detonne in the cannois landscape. Panoramic lounge, suites decorated by the greatest designers (Bret, Weaver, You or Cloarec) and infinity pools, nothing is too beautiful to celebrate your union in this house of 1200 m2 with Mediterranean views.

A Princess Wedding

Are you dreaming of a fairy tale wedding ? Why don’t you take your guests back to the time of The Sun King and welcome them to the Château de Champlâtreux in the Val d’oise? Authentic and prestigious, This place full of history allows to discover multiple fountains with flowing water as well as sumptuous gardens to the French. An idyllic setting for an outdoor cocktail.

A Marriage In The Desert

A sober and elegant wedding with the desert of Marrakech as the only decorative element… that is enough and it is simply magical. This is what Marianne Labadie and David Garnier propose, two wedding planners based in Morocco. Add to that a dinner in Berber tents under the stars and the trick is done, you have won a ceremony worthy of the tales of the Thousand And One Nights.

A Wedding On A Track

Since Love is nothing more than a long journey, we might as well unite in a luxury train. Indeed, for your wedding, go back in time by boarding the mythical Orient-Express and cross Europe between Paris and Venice. Along with your family and closest friends, turn your wedding reception into a real role-play with animations worthy of Agatha Christie’s novels. Musicians, disguises, magician, police investigation … this is an ideal wedding venue for crime lovers !

A Marriage Too Strong

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting married in a postcard setting ? Head off towards Marseilles, towards the island Ofgaby, a century-old fort that was completely restored in the 2000s. Rustic but warm, this private islet is for all lovers of the phocean city with its stunning views of the surroundings and the Mediterranean charm of its exposed stones.

An Alpine Wedding

Just looking at this cabin in bloom, you’d think time had stopped. Welcome to the farms of Marie in the Rhône-Alpes region. In the heart of Megève, this hamlet of Alpine farms and chalets welcomes you in summer and winter in a warm and friendly mountain setting. Arrival in Bohemian carriage, buffet in the open air, regional dishes, you will feel with your guests as at home, but better !

A Wedding On The Track

You want a wedding that’s out of the ordinary ? Why not celebrate it in a circus ! Between madness and originality, the espace Franconi immerses you in total immersion in the cabaret show world with its two capitals of 615 m2 and 434 m2. Dancers, jugglers, magicians and other acrobats, you will not finish putting stars in the eyes of your guests during this unforgettable evening.

A Wedding At A Mill

Surrounded by a half-timbered barn and a veranda, the Moulin de Fourges is a magnificent backdrop for the organization of your wedding. Just a few kilometres from the Paris region, this bucolic place offers a unique setting for your reception thanks to its Country Garden along the river Epte. Nature lovers, you who pass by, enjoy this landscape and its light so dear to the Impressionists of the region.

An “Inflated” Marriage

For your wedding reception, say goodbye to the traditional barnums and hello to the inflatable structures ! Designed by the company Geome, these ephemeral reception centres meet all the requirements in terms of capacity and futuristic design.Spheres, cubes, igloos and many other models can be assembled in a few minutes or hours to obtain amazing and unique decorations in order to mark your wedding day with a white stone.

A Wedding At The Top

Located on the top floor of the Institut du Monde Arabe or the IMA for the intimate, this terrace offers one of the most exceptional views of the Seine, the bridges of Paris and the emblematic monuments of the capital such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. Surrounded by your loved ones, you can enjoy a delicious oriental meal on this exceptional day at the restaurant “Le Zyriab” or in the High Council room, lit in an intimate way by the famous musharabiehs.