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Having your special wedding moments seized forever is a very challenging thing, which is why having a professional do it is a MUST in today’s era. Luckily for you, our wedding photography blog is here to guide you to the process and help you get the best out of your wedding. Here, at Angela and Wayne Yuan’s wedding photography blog, you’ll find all info you need on how to get the best and most professional photography services that aren’t from an amateur photographer that invested some money in a lens and watched a tutorial or two.

Regardless of how your wedding is arranged – outdoor or indoor, with multiple colors or only soft, pastel colors, you know that you should always rely on professionals like us. So, if you are in need for tips on how to get the best professional for your wedding, keep on reading our wedding photography blog. We promise you, you’ll have a hustle-free wedding with perfect, professional photos you’ll enjoy showing to other people.

Who Are Wayne and Angela?

The owners of this wedding photography blog and the professional photography studio are Angela and Wayne Yuan. We have been in this industry for quite some time, and as spouses we work together on achieving the best possible professional photography results. This is why we tend on investing in newest professional equipment, having the best cameras and hiring the best people for the job.

As spouses, we take our business very seriously and we tend to achieve nothing less than perfection, just like you want your wedding photographers to be professional and achieve nothing less than pure perfection from your wedding, seizing all the right and most important moments. Most soon-to-be-married couples always seek an incredible wedding photoshoot, but sometimes these photoshoots can be really expensive. That’s why many of them take the risk to boost their last-minute income so they can have captured the memories from their most special day. You would probably ask yourself where to go so you can make fast money without risking your own? Continue reading and get all the answers you may need. We believe in storytelling through photos which is why we can assure you that we can catch all important moments, looks and small yet important details.

Wedding Photography As Our Specialty

We enjoy celebrating love and happiness which is why the best part of our job is doing professional wedding photography, and since this inspires us, we have created our wedding photography blog too. We’ve taken up large projects with weddings full of guests, as well as small intimate weddings and we never cease to receive positive reviews on our professional wedding photography. At our wedding photography blog you can see small portfolios of our work, about the experience of our clients and overall, whichever info you need for our wedding photography.

Best Locations for Wedding Shoots

Finding the perfect sport for a wedding photo shoot is not very easy, and sometimes this takes up a lot of the energy and time of the future spouses which already have a lot on their minds. However, there are some general suggestions that can surely give you an idea of what you want to achieve and where you might find your perfect wedding shoot location.

First, we have beaches. It is a well-known fact that waves and sand are very romantic and the sun reflecting on the water adds up to overall amazing effects on the photos. This is why many people choose such beaches for their wedding photo shoot.

Second, we have large parks full of green trees and flowers. Just like Adam and Eve stayed in the Garden of Eden and like Romeo and Juliette shared their love around the flowers on Juliette’s balcony, nature can add a lot of romance in wedding photo shoots. So, if you don’t have an idea, consider a nice tidy park somewhere near cause it is very convenient too.

Third, luxurious places like casinos, fountains and villa-yards. They don’t go out of style! Especially since all of these places are well-lit with luxurious lights and candelabras, you cannot go wrong by picking either one of them. If a casino is the chosen place where your wedding shoot is about to happen, be sure that while being there you will feel the thrill of the exciting casino atmosphere, and after leaving it, you would definitely like to sign up at the online version of the casino and give your luck a chance.

The last suggestion we have is a significant place of the future spouses. Many of our clients choose an important location for their relationship for their photo-shoot. It might be the place where they met, the location where they first kissed or even the place where the proposal happened, it is magical and meaningful for both partners making it a perfect wedding photo-shoot location!

Las Vegas Weddings

A great number of our clients that came across our wedding photography blog eventually chose a Las Vegas themed wedding or do the wedding in Las Vegas. After all, it is the place of the best casinos where magic happens. Once, we had a lovely couple that had a wedding in one of the best Las Vegas casino resorts – Palms Casino Resort. It was absolutely stunning and luxurious, the people were sitting at the poker, blackjack and roulette tables and playing slot games winning real money and they kept drinking and having fun. We took photos of people with poker faces, hopeful people at the roulette and slot games, and even one man won the real money jackpot at the blackjack tables. It was the best casino wedding ever! For all those who like to try out different games, Baccarat is the one that shouldn’t be missed. There are various benefits of playing it, and if you would like to start it, you can play the best free baccarat games online at, and get amazing payouts.

Conclusion Text

If you want more info about our professional wedding photography and if our wedding photography blog left some questions for you, feel free to contact us for tips and advice, or if you want to book us!

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