Get Married In Vegas – Everything You Need To Know

During our 2015 World Tour, we went through Las Vegas. It was the second time we were in this town. In 2006, on our first visit, we were married, but let’s say, not dressed up as anything. And if you get married in Vegas, do you have to do it right or not? How about a theme wedding where the Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe suits can’t be missed. So let’s tell you everything you need to know about it.

Where To Get Married In Las Vegas

There are over 60 chapels in Las Vegas, so we’ll leave you with the most popular 6, and we’ll talk a little bit about them.

The Little Vegas Chapel

The first two times we did it in a chapel called The Little Vegas Chapel because it was the one near our Stratosphere hotel at the end of Las Vegas Blvd. An excellent deal, all apparent and have many wedding options.


You also have the option to hire him at the legendary Graceland Chapel, where the tradition began and where numerous celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Elvis Presley, Bon Jovi or Johnny Depp have gone through. This is where we got married the last time, in short post and video of our experience but to tell you that we have got a 10% discount for the ceremony, we advise you in this post of our third wedding in Vegas and 10% discount for the service who get married in Graceland

Viva Las Vegas Chapel

You want a wedding disguised as a vampire? In a helicopter over the Grand Canyon? Rockabilly? Viva Las Vegas Chapel is famous for these wedding themes in addition to traditional. By the way, this is where Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo got married.

Little White Chapel

Remember in the Friends series when Ross and Raquel go to Vegas and get married drunk? Since this was the chapel where they did. The most peculiar thing about this place that has five chapels is that you can get married even without getting out of the car!!!! Enter their website to see all the services, but they will surprise you. By the way, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, or the most attractive bald guy after me, Bruce Willis, were also married here.

The Little Church Of The West, And Chapel Of The Flowers

The Little Church of the West is near the poster WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS and do a wedding there. Another, also different from the previous ones, something more serious Is Chapel of the Flowers.

How Much Does Getting Married In Las Vegas?

Another of the many questions you ask us is about wedding prices in Vegas, and it all depends. A quick, average wedding you can have from $ 100-150. From there it goes up if you want extras, that is, wedding video, wedding photos, rings, costumes, private car, go to the Welcome Las Vegas sign. Let’s say the basic is at 150 dollars and one like ours with photos, outfits, tips from $ 350. The best thing is to see the websites that we leave you at the top of each chapel to know exact prices depends on what you want. For our part, we go you the brochure we caught in the Little Vegas Chapel with all the wedding options and costs.

Is It Legal To Get Married In Vegas?

The question many of you ask us is whether you’re getting married in Las Vegas if after that when you return to Spain, the marriage is legal. To tell you that there are different types of wedding, you can do it legally, in fact, a lot of people are going to marry to Vegas seriously, with family, friends and white dresses. If you want the wedding to be legal, you’ll have to go to a Clark County marriage Bureau to get a marriage license. Then, when you get to Spain, you can validate it.

The truth is, if you want to do this kind of wedding for fun, you can go from going to this office because it costs $ 77 A certificate and you can get married in a non-legal way, to have a good time like we did this time .how? You go to the chapel that you want; you talk to them that you want to marry as a joke and to take the experience, that it is not legal, you can even marry friends!!!! About getting married drunk too, you can, but they won’t let you if you’re too drunk, keep it in mind.

Experience A Las Vegas Wedding

The truth is, you have a good time, and you get a laugh, it’s something you have to cross off your crazy things to do in life. What if the ideal is not to be alone, seeing you without witnesses, without people to laugh with is the only wrong thing. What’s cool is sharing that moment with friends and then going out and celebrate. We celebrate with our little girl in the hotel pool.

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