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One of the perks of being wedding photographers is that we get to see so much that goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes, what happens there is more exciting than what everybody else gets to witness, especially when you have a wedding party as outrageous as Tiffany and Steve’s! The day’s events started at the bride’s house as they honored the age-old tradition of bridesmaids versus groomsmen, otherwise known as the “Door Games”. As the guys thoroughly embarrassed themselves, dancing (and rapping) on Tiffany’s door step and trying to conjure enough cash (and car keys) to win their right to enter, we caught one curious bride trying to sneak a peek at the action!

And then…the party bus happened. So, this was no ordinary wedding-day-limo-service with sleek black leather seats and mirrored ceilings. First of all, the interior was decked out in hot red pleather seats and vinyl hearts sewn right onto the walls—it seriously looked like some love machine that had come right out of an Austin Powers movie. And to top it all off, the bus came with its own bartender. Seriously, right?? Well, as the bus moved and drinks were poured, it only got more….interesting. Turns out this bartender not only mixes drinks, but he was also an experienced, let’s say, “dancer”. So the unthinkable happened…and everybody got very into it.

Dress: Ulla Maija / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini / Bridesmaids: Vera Wang / Hair + Makeup: Embellir Artistry / Florist:Rose Red and Lavender

Heartbreaker Bus from Diamond Limo/ Ceremony + Reception:Capitale

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After what was probably the most epic bus ride I had ever been on in my life, we arrived at Capitale in New York City. You’d never know there was such a gem in the middle of Chinatown until you walked into the building—what once was a historical bank was restored and converted into a beautiful space for special occasions such as this. My favorite part was the original elevator with sliding doors, equipped with a fully uniformed elevator operator! Love!

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After vows were said, rings were exchanged, and all was official, it was time to get the party started. And judging from the cake toppers, Tiffany and Steve were ready to have a good time! We could feel so much joy in the room, and it’s always a treat to see the parents having a ball. Before we knew it, Gangnam Style exploded on the dance floor, and the night became a blur (smile).

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