Toronto Wedding Photos // Anna + Dan – San Diego Wedding Photographer | Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Why hello, Canada! We jokingly called this our “most exotic wedding of the year”, since it was our only international wedding of the season (smile). But honestly, besides the cold weather and hearing the occasional “a-boat” here and there, being in Toronto didn’t feel very different from any major U.S. city. And within minutes of meeting Anna and Dan (and their uber-fun wedding party) for the first time, we felt right at home.

After a morning of honoring traditions and families at the bride and groom’s homes, the group continued their journey in downtown Toronto at the ultra-modern TIFF building, home of the Toronto International Film Festival. With its fun architectural elements, a killer rooftop view of urban Toronto, and more than enough hours to kill, we had a blast with the entire wedding party turning this place into a photo studio. It’s always such a treat having this much time to get to know the group and take some fun portraits on the wedding day!

By the time the ceremony and reception rolled around, we already felt like part of the family, which only meant each picture we took was that more meaningful. This was definitely one of those weddings we walked away from with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, despite how cold we both were as we made our way across the parking lot (smile). Thanks for taking us all the way to Canada, eh!

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