When you find out you’re expecting, everything changes. But not many of us can imagine what it felt like for Jenny and Simon when they found out they were expecting triplets! In just 9 months, they doubled their family size, and life was never the same.

We showed up at Jenny’s door soon after the little ones had woken from their nap and were getting ready for the photo shoot. It was such an eye-opener for us just seeing a glimpse of what life was like taking care of three babies who still couldn’t talk or walk. Seeing the cutest little stacks of laundry, three high chairs in the dining room, and all the milk bottles lined up on the kitchen counter, we couldn’t help but look at these super parents with a great amount of awe and respect. And with a 4-year-old in the mix, their life never has a dull moment (smile).

It was definitely fun documenting the little interactions and expressions of this lovely family. The triplets were so incredibly adorable and Isaac was being his silly self! Working with three kids who couldn’t stand on their own or communicate their thoughts posed its own challenges, but with a little creativity and a lot of patience, we still found some magical moments. So between a few teary meltdowns, watching Barney on an iPhone, and throwing cereal at the kids to keep them busy (true story!), we were able to create some beautiful memories for this young family. And of course, we didn’t forget to take some pictures of mom and dad—it must have been ages since they’ve been able to enjoy some time for themselves!

As the sun started to set, we followed the family back to their home, and decided to take a few pictures that showed their everyday life. At the end of the day, we tried to take one final group shot on their big red couch, but the attention span finally disappeared, mom and dad gave up, and all chaos broke out. But this became one of our favorite pictures of the day, because it really captured their family at the end of a long and memorable day. We left these tired, but proud, parents surrounded by their four bundles of joy, and felt truly honored to have been able to help this family remember how very blessed they are.

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