La Jolla Engagement Photos // Ning + Tim – San Diego Wedding Photographer | Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Great things happen when you let your photographer pick the location for a one-of-a-kind photo shoot. Ning and Tim came to visit us in San Diego for their engagement session, and together we explored one of the coolest treasures in all of Southern California—the Salk Institute at UCSD.

To many, this may just be another university building where research and science happens, but to us, it was an infinite playground of epicness. Yup, we even made up a word to describe it. This architectural marvel inspired many creative and fun moments for all of us—if only the sun could stay out longer, we would have had that much more time to play! We also love that it’s right next to a beautiful section of La Jolla’s coast, where we finished up at sunset. It was an awesome play date with an awesome couple. We can’t wait to celebrate their wedding day in a few months!

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