Woodbury Country Club Wedding Photos // Kelly + Danniel – San Diego Wedding Photographer | Los Angeles Wedding Photography

It’s funny how much can change in a year. We met Kelly and Danniel just a year ago at her Maid of Honor’s wedding, but with babies on the way, buying new homes, and moving across the country, there was certainly a lot to catch up on! It’s always such a joy getting to see our brides again, although this time, Ava was wearing a bridesmaid dress and Kelly was the beautiful bride (smile).

Kelly and Danniel have an adorable little girl together, who couldn’t contain the excitement of getting to run around in a cute little dress and fancy shoes all day long. As mommy and daddy tied the knot that day, she officially became their little princess, and this royal affair was in for an unforgettable celebration!

I love these next two images of fathers waiting for their daughters before the ceremony began—the joy of Danniel welcoming the embrace of his little girl versus the bittersweet anticipation of Kelly’s father waiting to walk his all-grown-up daughter down the aisle. (Although, he did seem pretty excited to be the one to give the bride away!) It all reminds us of how quickly these moments in life come and go, and that we need to treasure every passing season of life.

Kelly and Danniel, we are so honored to have been part of your wedding day and to have celebrated the start of your growing family with you! We hope you will both embrace life and the ups and downs of parenthood as fervently as Danniel hit the dance floor, and remember to give yourselves reason to laugh together, even if that means having to smash cake in each other’s faces again (smile). Congratulations!

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