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This has to be one of our favorite spaces of all time. With rich history written on its walls, well-worn furniture scattered about the room, and an impressive collection of antiques and vintage gadgets gathered on the tabletops, the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City is no doubt an Anthropologie-lover’s paradise, or for anybody who appreciates shabby chic, vintage, or grungy aesthetics. Our eyes lit up when Patti and Tommy decided to have their engagement session here—it was a photographer’s dream studio!

It’s not typical for us to do an engagement session indoors, but we embraced the opportunity to take a new approach to our usual stroll in the park. We knew Patti had fallen in love with the space the first time she saw it, so why not pretend they actually live here? While some spaces inspired fashion shoots, we also set up scenes of the couple enjoying life together in their own fabulous castle-of-a-house, dancing in the living room, having an intimate moment in secret spaces… You could almost smell breakfast in the kitchen. It gave the space a sense of life and a fairytale kind of love, which only made this building all the more enchanting.

We would love to shoot a wedding here someday! There’s still so much we’re inspired to do. Any takers? (smile)

metropolitan building engagement photographer

metropolitan building wedding photographer

metropolitan building wedding photography

metropolitan building engagement pictures

metropolitan building wedding photos

metropolitan building wedding pictures

metropolitan building engagement photography

metropolitan building engagement photos

metropolitan building wedding

After playing pretend for a while, it was time to go back to real life again. So with their matching Ray Bans and summer outfits, we headed to the water at Gantry Park for a late-afternoon shoot with the spectacular Manhattan skyline behind us. Although we had left the magical building and were back on solid ground, there was no reason why we couldn’t continue a little bit of fantasy and make it seem like Patti and Tommy owned a little piece of Long Island City for themselves (or a whole building for that matter). At least, the designer sunglasses did the trick! Thanks for a fun and fulfilling afternoon in LIC! We’ve finally crossed off an item on our photographer’s bucket list (smile).

gantry park wedding photos

gantry park wedding photography

gantry park wedding photographer

gantry park wedding photos

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