We understand that choosing a photographer for an important life event can be risky and just down-right scary. Let’s face it—you are trusting somebody with some of the most important moments of your life! We’ve been there ourselves, and we completely understand. While the best way to make a decision is to set up a time to meet and get to know your photographer before you book, hearing about other couples’ previous experiences is a great way to build trust and support your decision-making process. Wedding planning is hard enough as it is!

From our very first meeting and beyond our wedding day, Wayne and Angela were a pleasure to work with.  I believe their talent speaks for itself, but needless to say, my husband and I are exceptionally pleased with our wedding photographs and album design.

As artists, they are both creative and passionate individuals.  As business people, they are professional, efficient, and organized.  And as people, they are genuine, kind hearted, and most of all, comfortable to be around, which is an important quality to have in a wedding photographer.

It’s inspiring and refreshing to see how dedicated Wayne and Angela are to their profession, always involving themselves in conventions and workshops, and opening themselves up to their clients, fans, and other photographers.  It really shows how much they love what they do.

Even if you aren’t in need of a wedding photographer at this time, I highly recommend following their work on Facebook.  But if you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day in a truly beautiful and real way, look no further.

– Sheryl + Mike

Wedding photos are probably the most important investment you can make. With that said… Caroline and I have ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS in choosing Wayne and Angela.

We caught on to Wayne and Angela by browsing through some of their work. We were stunned by how absolutely different Wayne and Angela’s styles were from all the other photographers we researched. Wayne and Angela really do bring an artistic eye and a have a keen sense for the memorable. While it’s inevitable that we all love our own wedding photos, it says a lot when other people comment, “Why the heck did we go with our photographer…we should’ve hired Wayne and Angela!” So we usually try to keep cool and smile, knowing deep inside that we made the best choice and have absolutely no regrets!

Wayne and Angela were not just hired for the day, but they’ve become great friends of ours. Throughout the process, they were friendly and accommodating, lending their expertise when necessary. It’s always refreshing when you know there are people like Wayne and Angela in the world. They make the stress of wedding planning bearable…  :) and in the end, you have pictures that you’ll hold on to forever.

If you haven’t yet… seriously, check out their site. Their pics speak for themselves.

– Caroline + Dan

If you are looking for amazing photos that will capture all the emotions and memories of your special day, look no further than Wayne and Angela! Choosing Wayne and Angela to photograph our special day was one of the best decisions we made. Not only are their photos exceptional, they also designed a beautiful album that told the entire story of our wedding day.

Their photos speak for themselves, so check out their website! On a personal level, Wayne and Angela were wonderful to work with. They took the time to answer ALL of our many questions – and quickly. As a stressed out bride, Angela always put me at ease! They made us feel comfortable when shooting, and best of all we had so much fun with them. They are professional, genuinely nice people, and a blast to work with. By the end they felt like more than our wedding photographers, they felt like friends. They come very highly recommended.

– Amy + Jon

Wayne and Angela were one of the best wedding decisions I ever made. Of course during that time there were so many decisions to be made, but looking back I did not regret this one decision at all.

We took amazing engagement pictures with Wayne and Angela who made us comfortable through the whole experience and we just had a fun time. Afterward we even ate together and it was so nice and relaxed.

A week before the wedding Wayne and Angela called to discuss the details the big day. On the big day Angela came ready not only as a photographer but also as a bridal attendant. One strand of hair came slightly loose and here she comes with bobby pins. Makeup from tears of joy were flowing down and Angela is ready with makeup. Besides being handy and taking wonderful pictures, she was just fun to be around.

My husband was with Wayne most of time and he said that he did a great job taking the guys’ pictures before the entire party saw each other.

Overall it was a wonderful experience… I didn’t even get to the pictures yet. The pictures were AMAZING. We never stopped getting compliments for our engagement pictures and wedding pictures. I can’t wait to see the wedding album and just to jog my memories of that special day.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d definitely pick Wayne and Angela, without a doubt! Oh yes, and did I mention I was on the phone with Angela for at least an hour to discuss the wedding album? This is attention to detail, no more needs to be said.

– Fiona + Tim

I could not have asked for better wedding photographers than Wayne and Angela.  From our initial meeting I had a good feeling about them, and I was not disappointed.  It was such a joy to have them involved on my big day, and the photos were absolutely amazing.  I had more than one person tell me that they were the most incredible wedding photos they had *ever* seen.  But Wayne and Angela didn’t just stop there – they did an absolutely beautiful job with the album.  It was impeccably designed, and although they gave me plenty of opportunity to edit, I was so impressed with their choice of photos that I hardly had to make any changes.  Somehow I got the feeling that even only having met my husband and me a few times, they knew us so well, including a large photo of our favorite pet and photos of our beloved new home, photos that your typical wedding photographer would probably neglect to include in an album.  I would *highly* recommend Wayne and Angela to anyone planning their wedding – just book now before it’s too late – they are so good that their schedule fills up FAST!

– Kate + Steve

We knew Wayne and Angela should be our wedding photographers after seeing their website/blog. Their photographs alone should be convincing enough to hire them, but they are also so personable and a great team! We instantly felt comfortable with them from the first time we met and it was so easy to work with them on our engagement shoot and the day of our wedding. The engagement shoot gave us a chance to get to know them and feel comfortable in front of the camera. They made it so easy and fun, and the pictures were amazing! They took some creative shots that were so unexpected and really captured all the natural, fun moments. The wedding day was just as easy! They took pictures of everything, from the little details of the decor to the family portraits and they were truly like ninjas working the dance floor. The album ended up looking like a beautifully designed storybook that did not even require any editing or changes, we loved it from the first draft! We would definitely recommend Wayne and Angela, they will not disappoint!

– Erika + Elton