Some brides are fortunate enough to have the wedding of their dreams—a grand affair of beautiful things and bottles of champagne shared with all the people they love. We so often take the privilege of having a wedding for granted, until we realize that we were the lucky ones. But good news is, it’s never too late to put on a wedding dress and feel like a bride.

When Philip told us that it’s been his wife’s dream to see herself in a wedding gown, and that they were flying to New York City from Tokyo to make that happen, we knew we had to extend our stay an extra day to make her dream come true! So in the next few weeks, Akiko bought a beautiful dress, white shoes, a fresh flower bouquet, and was transformed into a bride that morning before meeting us at Central Park to start her “Bride’s Day Photoshoot” with us. Of course, she didn’t forget her most important accessory, her groom (smile).

A short taxi ride later, we arrived in Dumbo Brooklyn for some photos of the classic scenery as the sun was starting to set. I’m sure their cheeks were tired from smiling by now, but Akiko was still glowing like it was her wedding day. We enjoyed the beautiful weather as we soaked up the last drop of sunlight, and with our bride and groom, we all walked into the famous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and surprised everybody there when they saw a wedding gown pass through the restaurant!

Even though they never got to have a wedding, the truth is, Akiko is lucky to have a husband who would come all the way from Japan so that his wife could fulfill her dream. And we are so honored to have been able to make it a reality.

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